Residences at The Rainbow are united by the underlying architectural template that respects nature, uses only eco-friendly local resources and integrates local traditional building practices and techniques. The design vocabulary is peaceful and meaningful, with a fascinating play of light and shade amidst gardens that are skilfully placed.

The living spaces at The Rainbow have been carefully crafted in keeping with the comfort of our residents. Elderly people experience physical changes that impair their mobility, strength, and sensory responses. The design focuses on appropriate architectural and interior detailing that diminishes the discomforts of old age. Universally accepted design principles for the elderly have been followed, that are woven into the fabric of sustainable building techniques.


Our Residences

RERA Approval Number: K-RERA/PRJ I I 42 I 2020

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As we grow older, our physical capabilities may decline but we are always young in mind and spirit. There is a strong need for independent and dignified living, while at the same time keeping in mind conveniences required to adapt to changing physical needs. At The Rainbow, thoughtful design ideas include:

  • Increased illumination levels, with easily accessible pathways
  • Large signs with contrasting bright colours
  • Easy wheelchair access with ramps, handrails, visually highlighted steps
  • Large bathroom spaces, grab bars and non-skid tiles
  • Emergency call systems and assistance alarms
  • Round edged furniture
  • Plenty of natural light, ventilation and greenery
  • Well planned outdoor common spaces

Choice of apartments

Building plans are wrapped around beautifully landscaped courtyards that serve to bring nature into the house, and allow light and air into the interior.

Here is a snapshot of each type of living space

Type A apartments: 1 BHK

1 BHK Apartment Interior
1 BHK Apartment

Type B apartments: 1 BHK + Study

1 BHK Apartment with Study
1 BHK Apartment with Study - Interior

Type C apartments: 2 BHK

2 BHK Apartment
2 BHK Apartment Interior

Villa options: 2 BHK


Ideally located at Puliyarakonam, Trivandrum, in the lap of nature, but with close connectivity to the city, The Rainbow is spread over two acres of lush greenery, and is easily accessible by road, air or train.

Trivandrum (or Thiruvananthapuram) is the capital of Kerala, the tiny state on the southern coast of India which has earned itself the sobriquet of "God's own country" due to its spectacular natural beauty. This city combines the best of old and new worlds, with the laidback lifestyle of the older suburbs contrasting the fast paced life in its new-age tech parks. Tourists love to visit the landmark churches, ancient palaces and iconic temples. The gorgeous Kovalam beach is a dreamy stretch of perfection in sun and sand, and with its world famous Ayurvedic resorts and spas is well worth a visit.

Design Philosophy

Benny KuriakoseThe Rainbow has been created by master architect Dr. Benny Kuriakose and his team. Known for the sustainable green architecture and the living spaces he creates, Benny has travelled diverse paths and translated the philosophy of his mentor Laurie Baker many times over. His work reflects his perseverance to transform Baker's concepts of cost effectiveness, conservation and sustainable architecture in all his designs.

At The Rainbow, care has been given to exploring environmentally harmonious architectural styles and design, with an intrinsically beautiful natural rhythm that is in sync with the elements and the layout of the land.

To know more about Dr. Benny Kuriakose visit www.bennykuriakose.com


Holistic Living at The Rainbow!

As we grow older, we can leave the worries and stress of youth behind and choose to enjoy our golden years! Taking a holistic approach to aging can make a world of difference to the way you live. At The Rainbow, you will find a wealth of opportunities to help you with the six dimensions of wellness that encompass holistic living.

Physical Wellness: Healthy living starts with a healthy body; and physical wellness includes balanced nutrition, restful sleep and adequate exercise. The Rainbow residents get assistance, if needed, with managing medications and chronic health conditions, and leading a self-sufficient and joyous life.

Intellectual Wellness: Learning is a process that never stops. You can have plenty of opportunities for intellectual stimulation at The Rainbow, by being open to new ideas and keeping your creative juices flowing.

Emotional wellness: Emotionally mature people are able to have great relationships with others and deal with life's challenges in a positive and inspirational manner. Managing stress by taking a step back from the fast pace of city life happens naturally at The Rainbow.

Occupational Wellness: Each of us has innate talents and passions that may have been sacrificed on the altar of family responsibility. It's time to let these talents come to the forefront, by sharing them with others. Start a music class for others, organise a dance drama on a festival day, or share your recipes with the community in a cooking demonstration!

Social Wellness: As we become older, many of us feel isolated and lonely. Social wellness is all about staying in touch with others, and maintaining meaningful relationships in the society we live in. Strengthen old friendships and forge new ones at The Rainbow.

Spiritual Wellness: Staying connected both with your inner self and a higher power can give you strength and inspiration. With like-minded people around you, you will realise that you belong and are loved. You can take part in nondenominational spiritual community gatherings, read books on religion and philosophy, or attend talks that are organised for the residents.


Services and conveniences

Life at The Rainbow promises to be comfortable and stress-free, with our comprehensive services and special conveniences. We're here to make sure your every need is met!

All living spaces are connected by intercom, and any of our services are available at the push of a button. If you would like help with housekeeping, just give us a buzz. You don't have to worry about cooking- you can choose from the dietician supervised menus on offer, or get pre-planned daily-changing meals. Banking and finances getting you all frazzled? Our support team will gladly help. The same goes for any legal and insurance matters you might have to deal with.

Routine repairs and maintenance of your home can be executed by a team of competent plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and others. The common facilities are operated and maintained by our facility management team.

If you would like to have a day out in the city - visit the beach, go to a movie or dine out - you can use our dependable drivers. Need a vehicle? We will arrange one for you. Our Travel Desk will manage travel bookings, and arrange for pick-ups and drops. We can even fix you up with a Man Friday if need be to hand-hold you through all your needs!

Residents who are inclined to yoga and meditation, or art and music, can sign up for tailor made programs and team up with others of a similar bent of mind. If you would like to take a class for others, by all means you can do that as well!

Do note that on-call services will be charged at very minimal rates.

Swimming pool
Tour programmes
Travel desk

Wellness programmes
Walking track

Geriatric gym
Rendezvous dining

Movie show
Party hall
Activity centre
Indoor games

Activity spaces

Planned activity spaces include dedicated areas for Yoga and meditation that are tucked away in a quiet area. For spritely residents, a jogging and walking track winds through the gardens, and special indoor and outdoor gaming spaces have been created. You can relax in spa and physiotherapy centres, or laugh and cry with your favourite stars at the mini theatre! Nooks for activities like arts and crafts, weekend activities or festive celebration areas are also carved out of the common areas.

Business minded residents can work from the well-equipped conference halls, or refer books in the carefully appointed library. Have a good workout at the exercise zones or the swimming pool, and then dine out in style at the restaurant which even boasts of a diet kitchen!

Interior adaptations

We recognise that as we grow older, our physical capabilities can decline, and we want our elders to have the safest quality of life possible. Our expertise in interior modifications for the elderly will help make your daily living a safe, convenient and comfortable experience. You can opt to have special non-skid tiles, grab bars in bathrooms, rounded edges on countertops and other preventive refurbishment measures that are centred on your safety at all times. These interior fit-out modifications are custom-designed to match your lifestyle. If you would like this option, all you have to do is call.

Nursing centre
Doctor on Call
24 hours ambulance service
Maintenance of medical records
Medical follow up

Driver on demand
Home delivery of medicines
Personalized emergency protocol

Caregiver on demand
Housekeeping & laundry
Convenience store
Guest house
Surveillance & secuirity

Language courses

Your safety is important to us!

Round the clock, our well trained security team screen visitors at the door to ensure your safety. CCTVs at strategic vantage points afford wide coverage of the common areas on the premises. In the event of any emergency, our quick-action response team will efficiently handle the situation. Personalised emergency protocol is available for all residents, and emergency alarms have been set up at multiple points in the complex.

Medical staff is available on call at all times, and we carry out preventive health check-ups on a regular basis. Our medical team will keep a backup of your medical records and ensure that your healthcare needs are met at the appropriate times. Residents who require daily living assistance can avail of the services of qualified assisted living caretakers. Those who need non-clinical support in the form of physiotherapy or podiatry are also taken care of. Besides, as we are in the heart of the city, hospitals and clinics are just a short drive away!


What is the Rainbow way of life?

We believe that the years after you retire can be the best time of your life. You have fulfilled all your family responsibilities, and have put your worries behind. Now is the time for you to reconnect with the dreams you had set aside, and live your life the way it should be lived- without stress, and with renewed hope and vitality. At The Rainbow you will find a community of like-minded people who will join you in your quest for mind, body and soul wellness. Enjoy the beauty of creatively designed living spaces and facilities, with a trained team of caretakers who are on call to give you attentive and personalised services.

What are the types of living spaces available?

Residents can choose from several types of apartments or villas- 1 BHK, 1 BHK + Study, or 2 BHK. All houses are built around courtyards, and are provided with large balconies and terraces to allow residents to enjoy the outdoors from the privacy of their own home.

Where is the project coming up?

It is coming up in Puliyarakonam, around 10 km from Sasthamangalam.

What do you mean by a Holistic Retirement Community?

Rainbow creates an environment that promotes independence, well-being and quality of life through a holistic approach encompassing the body, mind and spirit. This is achieved by focusing on six dimensions of wellness - Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Occupational wellness. This is an activity oriented community living, centered around the concept of "Add Life To Age".

How does it differ from a typical Old Age Home?

Rainbow is a community living space, where you own your residence and live with dignity and independence. This is a choice you make so that your life can be valuable and joyful, unlike in an old age home where you go because you don't have a choice.

Who can buy the units?

Anyone can buy the units, but the resident should be above 50 years of age.

What are the rights I have on the property?

It is like any other property you buy and can be sold or inherited - the only clause is the buyer and the person who is inheriting will be governed by the initial agreement of purchase, house rules and service agreements.

What if we have visitors?

The visitors can stay in your home like any other residence. If they are using the facilities they will be charged for that. If space is a constraint they can use the guest house with prior booking.

What are the monthly charges?

Monthly charges are levied on food and also on utility charges. The food charges are for standard food which is made available for 3 meals a day, along with tea/coffee three times a day. Utility charges cover the entire upkeep of the facility including the housekeeping of your flat, and also access to use all the facilities available on the campus.

What type of food is served?

The entire menu will be created by a dietician based on the requirement of the residents. There will be a clear demarcation of veg and non-veg cooking, and utensils and cutlery will be kept separate. You can choose between veg or non-veg cuisine.

What about the maintenance of the common amenities?

Alive takes the responsibility of the upkeep of all the common amenities in the premises.

What about the maintenance of my residence?

Just like any other residence, here too you will be required to take care of the maintenance of your residence. The Alive team will carry out any necessary work at an additional fee.

What are the activities planned at The Rainbow? Do I need to pay for these?

Rainbow is positioned as a holistic retirement community -the facility focuses on providing six dimensions of wellness. The differential of this community when compared to others will be the activity-oriented life style. All facilities at the centre can be utilised by the residents subject to house rules. Fees for some individual activities like learning courses need to be paid extra.

What if I need caregiver facility?

Alive will arrange all the requisite resources on need basis - caregivers, drivers, and any other help required will be additionally charged.

What will happen in the case of a health emergency and hospitalisation?

An emergency protocol document will be created for all residents which will contain the directives from the resident on how to handle the emergency. This will include your requests as to which hospital you should be admitted, which doctor to be consulted and list of people to be informed. All such directives will be followed. Alive will give 24 hour bystander support till the family members reach. If further support is required caregiver services will be arranged on a chargeable basis.

Is the facility tied up with any hospital?

We do not want to tie up with any one hospital as we believe that hospitalisation should be done depending on the ailment and based on the directive of the resident. However we will have a panel of doctors who will be coming over for consultation on regular basis.

Will you furnish the apartment for us?

Yes, Alive can offer standard and premium furnishing options at an additional cost.

Any more doubts? Do call!

You can call us on +917025266605 or +914712720001, or send in an email to care@aliveworld.co if you have any more questions.